About us

Established in 1985

Our mission is to be the vanguard for the financial well-being of individuals, families and businesses in Greater Vancouver, and to be a trusted long-term partner for our clients especially when the unexpected occurs. 

We believe in supporting our community through this endeavour, but also through our various community involvements. We are a people business, and as we invest into the well-being of our employees, we also look to nurture client relationships founded on expertise, service and integrity.

The Hui family

The Hui family immigrated from Hong Kong to Vancouver in the early 1970’s, as they recognized the huge potential of the city to be their new home. They also recognized the opportunity to give back to the city by creating a successful enterprise in an under-served insurance industry. Since its establishment in 1985, Park Georgia Insurance Agencies has continued to serve the Greater Vancouver area through expanded operations, a continuous focus on service, and a commitment to community service.

Community Involvement

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