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Commercial insurance protects the business that you’ve worked so hard to build. We’ve been providing customized insurance solutions to Canadian businesses of all sizes for over 30 years, ensuring that their company and assets are protected from an evolving range of risks. We support a wide range of industries, but have particular expertise with commercial/residential realty, F&B, retail, and contractors. Common insurance coverages includes property, liability, loss of income, crime (incl. cyber), and many others.

Speak to one of our commercial insurance experts today to discuss what coverages are a right fit for you and your business. The simple process starts with a discussion so we can better understand the specifics of your business. We then work with our roster of long-standing insurance partners to decide which policy and corresponding premium is the right fit for you.

A few common types of coverage include:

Business Property Coverage

Protection for loss against your contents (i.e. stock, equipment, furniture, etc).

Loss of Income Coverage

Protection for loss to business income.

Liability Coverage

Protection if your business is found responsible for damage to 3rd party property or injury to another person.

Crime Coverage

Protection against crime from inside or outside your organization.

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