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ICBC policies effective May 1, 2022 can be straight renewed online and no longer require decals on license plates.

Click here to get started, and remember to select one of our branches when prompted to select a broker, so that we can continue to support you as your broker advisor (you’ll need to search the postal code of any of our branches to geo-locate the one you want). Once completed, you can print out a copy of your policy, which you’ll need to keep in your car at all times. License plates with policies effective after May 1, 2022, will no longer require a decal.

Transactions that can be completed online:

  • Renew existing policy with existing coverage
  • Add/change/remove principal or listed drivers
  • Change vehicle use (i.e. pleasure use, driving to/from work, delivery, etc.)
  • Apply for a policy discount (i.e. low mileage, automatic emergency braking, etc.)
  • Update personal details (i.e. address, email, etc.)

Transactions that cannot be completed online, and will require our support:

  • Adding/removing/changing optional coverages (i.e. collision, comprehensive, roadside plus, etc.)
  • New policies or Temporary Operating Permits (TOP)
  • Cancellations
  • Renewals of lapsed policies
  • Renewals of leased, jointly-owned, company-owned or commercial/fleet vehicles
  • Renewals of collector vehicles or motorcycles

Alternatively, you can still visit any of our locations to handle all your ICBC auto insurance needs, or call us and process over the phone. Whether you need advice on your current situation or just need to do a simple renewal, our experienced and professional staff will ensure you understand what coverage you’re paying for, all in a hassle-free environment.

ICBC Enhanced Care

ICBC’s new enhanced care coverage (effective May 1, 2021) has lowered premiums and increased benefits for customers. This is possible due to a reduced burden of legal fees, since your vehicle repairs due to an accident are no longer covered by the at-fault party, but now covered by your own basic coverage.

Highlights of the main differences include:

  • Your vehicle repair costs when you’re not at-fault in an accident, is now covered by your ‘Basic Vehicle Damage’ coverage, up to $200,000.
  • Third Party Liability’ now covers only unique scenarios such as out-of-province accidents, damage to vehicle contents (e.g. laptop) or property (e.g. fence, building), and business interruption
  • ‘Hit and Run’ coverage is no longer included in your basic coverage, and is instead available as a separate optional coverage
  • No max limit for care and recovery expenses; coverage for as long as you need it
  • Up to 90% of net income in wage loss payments
  • Reduction in premiums and more stable rates
  • No legal action (except in criminal code offenses)

For information on reporting an ICBC claim, click here.



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